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So I recorded this video of myself animating two characters, I mostly did this to play around with camtasia studio. I also did it to show people how I start my animations to help anyone who wants to learn sort of thing.

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I made a cool sprite sheet!

2009-06-23 06:40:19 by fhqwagads

I would like to use this guy for a retro style platformer somewhere down the road I was pretty impressed with the way it turned out

I made a cool sprite sheet!

Indestructable O

2009-06-11 18:23:15 by fhqwagads

Got a script and working on a cartoon!

My quest for Inspiration

2008-09-30 23:57:33 by fhqwagads

Pretty much just lounging around waiting for the light to shine on me where I will one day wake up with the best damn idea for a cartoon series that will blow everyone's minds away! You just wait and see...!